The current flight tracking system the airport uses is becoming obsolete, especially with the advent of ADS-B. But in this writers humble opinion, the replacement need not cost a million dollars and require 250 thousand a year to support it.

After some poking around on the internet, I found a number of suppliers for commercial ADS-B installations. I got an order of magnitude proposal from Planevision Systems.. The installed cost for this system would be on the order of $35000, with minmal recurrent charges. An executive summary follows, for the full proposal use the link earlier in this paragraph.

The system offered is suitable for

● display of ADS-B 1090 ES and 978 UAT targets on multiple office computer displays (inside web browser), at KTRK or KTVL or other sites connected by internet

● optional display of FLARM technology targets (glider traffic)

● a customized display map showing local area, airspace and other details as required (stored on the receiver ot via internet)

● a display update rate of 1/sec or less often

● fusing data from the two receiver sites into one traffic picture

● enhanced and precise situational awareness for all participants (pilots, tower staff) within the aerodrome area, "for information only"

● traffic information for pilots about conflicting traffic

● QDM (heading) information for pilots towards the airfield

● no-fly zones intrusion control and visual/aural alarm in the tower cab

● pilot's support in distress situation

Rough-Order-of-Magnitude Pricing Information for 1 site (Non-recurring costs)

Qty Item Price $ Remark
1 ADS-B receiver 19" for 1090ES 3,500 $ standard price, discount may apply
1 ADS-B module for 978UAT 3,500 option, housed in receiver
1 Flarm module 3,500 option, housed in receiver
4 Antennas included 1090ES, 978UAT, Flarm, GPS
4 Antenna cables 3/8", 100 ft ca. 500 please procure locally in US
Surge protection equipment as required by local laws ca. 500-2,000 additional jumper cables, lightning surge protectors etc., depends on existing installation
1 Map design (airspaces etc.) 500-1,000 according to customer requirements
1 Setup of intrusion control module with alarm 1,000 option
Miscellaneous remote support 100/hr via phone or Skype, estimated 2 hours
Local installation support for antennas, network etc. est. 65-100/hr locally estimated 10 hours, can be done by airport staff or contractor in conjuction with remote support

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